Updated: 20 November 2021

Trevor Hanson -- a guitarist from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. I mostly play seven-string guitars, both nylon- and steel-string.

As we emerge from the lost year of 2020, I am starting to resume live performances -- but so far just on the Olympic Peninsula. My solo performances draw on an eclectic mix of material, ranging across classical, jazz, folk, and other traditions.

I've been playing at Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar in Port Townsend on Monday nights since 2011, and now also the first Friday each month. I also perform each month at Ajax Café -- on the fourth Friday each month.

I'm resuming some work with ensembles, playing in genres that span big-band dance music, mainstream jazz, gypsy swing, folk music, Irish pub songs, and some cross-genre material that defies description. I'm sometimes playing in a duo -- joining a saxophone, trombone, keyboard, bass, or another guitar -- or working as a sideman in a larger group. I'm not currently involved with any regular ensemble performances, though the Olympic Express Big Band will probably get rolling in early 2022.

I look forward to resuming singing, and particularly to Irish pub songs -- ballads, sea shanties, and beer-drinking songs -- both as a soloist and with others. But again, nothing regular to report yet.

I have a little time for teaching, either at your home or at Crossroads Music in Port Townsend.

I do a little specialty repair/restoration work, and I generally have a changing inventory of unusual instruments and gear for sale.

You can always visit me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Trevor.Hanson.guitarist

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