Trevor the Shantyman

Updated: 20 November 2021

When you see a listing for “Trevor the Shantyman” or “Shantymen” you'll be hearing Irish pub songs!

I periodically perform this material, both as a soloist and with others, usually under the name “Trevor the Shantyman” (to avoid confusion with my solo guitar work). You can find more details at I'm carrying on the tradition of my earlier band Discovery Bay Pirates.

I enjoy music in many styles, and I play in many formats -- from classical guitar to big band jazz. But when I can, I also sing pub songs in the tradition of Tommy Makem, the Dubliners, the Clancys, and other iconic Irish folk musicians. You'll hear ballads, sea shanties, and beer-drinking songs. I expect plenty of singing and clapping along on the choruses! I also vary the material, with a little solo guitar music. But it's mostly about the great lyrics and the fun spirit.

Before moving to Washington in 2004, I sang this music for years on the east coast and in Chicago, haunting the famous folk music temples -- along with audiences who grew up with these tunes, and who knew all the lyrics. I'm never happier than when belting out “The Moonshiner” with a glass of Guinness in my hand. I seek out places where this great tradition is alive and well -- such as Galway Bay in Ocean Shores (where I've performed a couple of times), and the new Dunagan Irish Pub in Gig Harbor (where I haven't).

I've been lucky enough to know a number of great Irish musicians, and to meet many others. It's humbling but gratifying to be able to sing the music of the titans of the bardic tradition.