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Updated: 4 January 2022

Here are a few pictures, updated from time to time.


Updated: 20 November 2021

Below are some very rough 2010 recordings on YouTube. They don't sound too much like the way I play today, but at least they are...something. These were made shortly after I resumed playing after a ten-year hiatus due to back problems. They were played, recorded, and put up in a hurry, but I keep promising to replace them. Soon.

You can visit my YouTube channel at

Here are the current cuts:

    • Tarrega "Cappriccio Arabe"

    • J.S. Bach Bourree from 1st lute suite (BWV 996)

    • Villa-Lobos "Choros #1"

    • Bach Prelude and Fugue (BWV 999 and 1000)


Audio clips will be coming here shortly.