Gear endorsement and preferences

Updated: 20 November 2021

I use a range of guitars and other gear, depending on the situation and my mood. I have a number of instruments, some very special, but I am not a collector. Everything I have is part of my normal performance rotation. I (try to) sell things I'm not using. See my available gear page for current items that you might be interested in taking over.


Danny Koentopp:

Danny Koentopp is a gifted young luthier attracting much industry attention. His guitars have striking designs and remarkable voicing. The amount of care and attention he lavishes on construction is quite amazing.

Shelley Park:

Shelley Park builds lovely guitars based on Selmer/Maccaferri designs. She is one of the top gypsy jazz luthiers, and was an early member of Pearl Django. This was her first seven-string.

Denny Kopp:

Denny Kopp is making some extremely innovative instruments, incorporating splendid whimsical details such as clever inlays. His guitars play beautifully and sound wonderful.

Kirk Sand:

Kirk Sand essentially invented the amplified nylon string guitar, for Chet Atkins. Before him, using a microphone was pretty much the only viable option for classical guitars. This design has no soundhole for better balance across all seven strings, and to reduce feedback.

Amplification and electronics

Acoustic Image:

Acoustic Image makes outstanding amplifiers, featuring crystal-clear frequency response, compact size, and the best warranty in the industry.


Henriksen is another outstanding amp builder, offering what appears to be the smallest/lightest/cleanest/loudest amp on the market: "The Bud." I find I use these amps the most these days.

Barbera Transducers:

Barbera makes an extraordinary, patented pickup that is integral with the guitar saddle. Each string has a separate active pickup element, located at the top of the saddle rather than under it as with traditional transducers. The result is exceptional clarity and brilliance without the dreaded piezo "quack."