Updated: 5 December 2021

I often perform solo, but I also play with many great area musicians. Here are some current and past projects.

  • [current] I periodically perform Irish pub songs, both as a soloist and with others, usually under the name Trevor the Shantyman (to avoid confusion with my solo guitar work). You can find more details at shantyman.TrevorHanson.com and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TrevorTheShantyman.

  • [past] I also sang this music in my earlier bands Shantymen, Discovery Bay Pirates and Uptown Pirates, which can be remembered from many St. Patrick's Day events and regular performances at area watering holes. When Covid is finally behind us, I'll try to resume more of this music.

  • [current] I play guitar with Tony Petrillo as the TNT Guitar Duo. We play a diverse range of jazz material – swing, latin, gypsy, bebop, and Great American Songbook tunes. We also include a few vocals, mostly sung by Tony who has an area following for his other project, Tony & the Roundabouts. We are sometimes joined by a bassist, usually Mick Nicholson. You can find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TNTguitarDuo/

  • [current] I play guitar with Impractical Jokers, a trio featuring Roger Ferguson and Mick Nicholson. Roger is a past national flatpick champion; he also plays mandolin and violin and is well know throughout the region. Mick is a go-to bassist, boasting a long tenure in the Navy Band. This band plays a mixture of swing, gypsy, and some latin jazz, old-timey Americana, some bluegrass and fiddle tunes – all with an instrumental improvised jazzy quality (as opposed to a twangy country sound). This trio is a successor to the well-known Less Paulish Trio, which is currently short a musician.

  • [current] I have joined the Olympic Express Big Band, which operates out of Sequim but plays festivals and events throughout the area. This is a highly professional big band with many outstanding musicians, and I'm delighted to be playing this kind of music again.

    • [past] I was previously with the Stardust Big Band, a similar organization.

  • [current] I sometimes perform with local jazz musicians as the Lush Life Jazz Ensemble. Depending on the venue and the winds of accident, I may be joined by trumpet, trombone, saxophone, guitar, keyboard, or other musicians. We play a range of jazz compositions, both early and recent, and draw on the outstanding Peninsula pool of musical experience. You can find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LushLifeJazzTrio.

  • [current] I work with the Cat's Meow Swingtet, a currently inactive band that has performed for area ballroom dance clubs seemingly forever. This will resume when Covid allows such events again.

  • [current? past?] I have (or had) a duo with saxophonist Andy Geiger, THAG Jazz, performing a wide range of jazz standards. Covid interrupted our schedule and at this point we're not sure whether things will resume, since we're both pretty busy in other projects. We shall see. Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/THAGjazz.

    • [past] I was part of Final Approach, a popular vocal-oriented quintet featuring "boomer music" and featuring vocalists Amanda Bacon and Gary Prosser, among others.

    • [past] I played with Peninsula country star Buck Ellard for quite some time, to the amusement of my jazz friends.

    • [past] I played in the duo The Long Splice with Daniel Macke, featuring his Celtic-/folk-inspired compositions.

I've been in other ensembles, of course, but they're not coming to mind right now. I might even have other current projects that are slipping my mind. This is what happens as one gets older....