Available gear

Updated: 14 April 2021

I generally have a few bits of gear that I intend to sell "one of these days" on an auction site; in the meantime, I'll list a few here in case you are interested. Send me an email if so.


Heritage 1985 Eagle TDC

Excellent condition

I bought this guitar new back in the 80s, but have rarely used it. It's a thinline single-cutaway two-pickup guitar -- think a full-scale-length Byrdland. Very pretty.
Kopp Bellaneu

7-string archtop

A great handmade 17" archtop 7-string, spruce and mahogany, floating handmade Kent Armstrong pickup, tremendous deep cutaway for high-fretboard access. A really solid guitar.
Epiphone classical guitar

A decent classical guitar with some miles on it. It has some dings and scratches but is a good solid instrument that dates from the 70s.

Amplification and electronics

Acoustic Image Clarus II Series III head


Acoustic Image makes outstanding amplifiers, featuring crystal-clear frequency response, compact size, and the best warranty in the industry (they'll basically fix them for free forever, even used gear). This is the head that so many pros use. Two channels, effects, microphone input, effects loops, etc. Look it up.

This one has an unusual custom stand-mount setup so you can have nearby for adjustment. Extremely cool -- I've never been able to find a source for this hardware, which I'd like for other gear. Probably custom made by a machinist.
Acoustic Image Corus EX extension speaker (good for the head above)

Unbelievably good, tiny cabinet with a down-firing 10" speaker plus a forward-firing tweeter. Perfect for acoustic guitar, or jazz guitar, or bass.
Mesa Boogie .50+ (fifty caliber plus) combo amplifier

Excellent all-tube combo amp from the 90s, with a single 12" speaker and two 6L6 power tubes. Lots of power and that great Boogie sound. This amp has a fantastic mod that gives much more flexibility to the clean channel, a notorious shortcoming of the stock amp.
Numerous good-quality pedals and preamps Let me know what you're after. I have a bunch of stuff that I don't use anymore.